Denise Donlon Children: Meet Son Duncan McLauchlan

Duncan McLauchlan is the only son and child of Canadian business executive, television producer, author, public speaker, host, and member of the Order of Canada, Denise Donlon.

His mother who was born on February 22, 1956, in Toronto, Canada, joined MuchMusic in 1985 as a host and producer of The NewMusic.

Denise Donlon, who is currently 66 years, became the director of music programming, and was named vice-president and general manager in 1997.

She successfully launched MuchMoreMusic in 1998 after she became responsible for programming direction.

She is married to Murray Edward McLauchlan, who is a Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and harmonica player.

It is on unknown when the couple tied the knot, however, they have been married for many years now.

Murray Edward McLauchlan, who is best known for his Canadian hits “Farmer’s Song,” “Whispering Rain,” and “Down by the Henry Moore, is currently 74 years. He was born on June 30, 1948, Paisley, United Kingdom.

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