Jody Thompson Husband: Who Is Bruce Marchfelder?

Bruce Marchfelder is the husband of Canadian actress, screenwriter, and filmmaker, Jody Thompson.

Bruce Marchfelder is a Canadian filmmaker who was also the Creative Director of UBC Studios at the University of British Columbia Bruce Marchfelde.

The couple regularly works as a Producing/Directing team with several projects having aired on CBC and Telus Optik.

Actress Jody, who is currently 44 years was born in Vancouver, Canada on August 13, 1976.

Jody is the President of Little Wolf Productions, a production company dedicated to the creation of film and video artworks that endeavor to relieve social injustice and advance a message of hope and reconciliation, some projects included.

Jody is widely known for her regularly recurring character Devon Moore on the USA network’s television series The 4400 but is also recognized as the warrior queen Azura in the television series Flash Gordon and in other recurring television roles including Blad.

The Canada Council for the Arts, Untitled Aklavik Project, the development phase for Aklavik, was provided, it this an hour-long drama with supernatural elements, based on true events and inspired by experiences related to aspects of Thompson’s indigenous heritage.

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