Rob Rainford Net Worth

Canadian chef, author of Grill, and former host of Licence to Grill on the Food Network Canada, Discovery Home, and Asian Food Channel Rob Rainford’s net worth is $1.5 Million.

Rainford, who is best known for hosting the TV series License to Grill, which involves backyard cooking, entertaining, and barbecuing, was born in Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica onĀ  November 30, 1966.

Rob Rainford is married to Rose Rainford, who was born in Preston, Lancashire, England in 1959, and is currently 63 years.

Rainford, who is currently 56 years tasks by hosting gatherings at his home where he prepares a meal while sharing tips and tricks for cooking on a barbecue hosted at the ’70s-themed gathering.

Rob Rainford’s Box is filled with some of his favorite items that he enjoys cooking in the kitchen and eating with his friends and family.

Instructor at George Brown College Continuing Education Program from September 2002 to 2014 where he was dressed for the occasion by wearing an afro wig.

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